• Untermarkt Sonnenuntergang
    Untermarkt (Foto: Rainer Weisflog)
  • Frauenspuren
  • Lisa Pahlke
  • Görlitzer Art - Studentische Projekte
  • Skulpturenfund
  • Wassergleich
  • Kaisertrutz
  • Sonderausstellung Schlesisches Museum
  • Schlesisches Museum zu Görlitz
  • Galerie der Moderne

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Entrepreneurs feel right at home in Görlitz-Zgorzelec. Low costs, maximum subsidies, qualified employees, open access to markets in any direction - all provide the perfect foundation for successful investors.


Welcome to Görlitz - For many the most beautiful city in Germany!

We will gladly assist you in planning your travel and your stay with extensive services.

City Portrait

Of course, Görlitz has much more than its historic architecture that is worth exploring: there are european art and culture, verified attractions and historical stories, which need to get discovered.